Schools & Universities

Gymnasiums have always been among one of the best locations to replace archaic Metal Halide Lighting. With the inability to shatter a bulb with a ball safety levels increase.  Increased light levels are delivered to the playing floor where it’s needed.

For K-12 schools, energy consumes a significant portion of the overall budget.  Reducing this expense allows for reallocation of these funds to more critical areas.

For higher education, LED lighting adds a clean, modern appearance to any campus.  Because of the added reliability and product life (20 yrs)  maintenance is significantly reduced.

  • Government incentives
  • Better security by enabling clearer images to be captured by CCTV
  • Increase student attentiveness
  • Increase teacher retention
  • Reduce fatigue (eye strain)
  • Increase student safety
  • Clean, modern appearance
  • Made in USA

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Other applications


Gas Station & Truck Stops

Attract new customers to your business by offering a safe and secure setting.

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Horticulture/ Grow Lights

Significantly reduce your operating costs while improving the nutritional value of your products using Titan LED Lighting Solutions proprietary products.

Qualified Products

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Manufacturing Facilities

Safety, Quality, Delivery, Cost. Titan LED Lighting Solutions offers improvement in each of these key Manufacturing issues.

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