Grocery Stores & RETAIL

Grocery stores and retail environments seem to benefit more than most LED lighting installations.  Sales increase as customers are drawn to products that are properly illuminated. Bright white light creates an environment that is conducive to sales.  Displays get more attention as people actually stop to read the copy on the displays and grab brochures. Businesses can add the substantial energy savings to the increase in sales and all while doing their part for the environment; eliminating mercury filled lighting from their stores.

  • Farm produce maintains the appearance of freshness longer
  • Packaged-meat shelf life can be extended by 100%
  • LEDs can help prevent food contamination without chemicals
  • Increase sales by offering a brighter more inviting environment
  • For retail, LED lighting renders truer product colors
  • Give your store a clean, fresh, modern appearance
  • Increase dwell time and conversion rate
  • Government incentives
  • Made in the USA

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Other applications


healthcare facility

Titan LED Lighting Solutions allows you to attract and retain more occupants. It also helps to improve the Medicare and Medicaid quality rating of your facility.

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Distribution & Warehouse

A properly lighted Warehouse can increase your usable square footage, shorten fulfillment cycle time, decrease safety instances, and reduce user mistakes because of misreading labels.

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Car & Truck Dealerships

Is your dealership inviting at night? Titan LED Lighting Solutions can show you how to significantly increase traffic, render your vehicle correctly, while improving safety and security.

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