Distribution & Warehouse

Warehouses benefit greatly when switching from Metal Halide to Hennessy Series LED High Bays. Brighter light creates a safer and more energetic environment to work in. Companies that have switched have enjoyed substantial savings ( typically >60% ) off of the illumination portion of their energy bill. No more wasted time waiting for the lights to come on, enjoy instant on/off operation with no ballast hum noise. Choosing to light your warehouse with Titan’s Hennessy Series Highbays will bring your lighting and savings into the 21st century. Made in the USA by Americans, this is “Lighting for Life”.

  • Lighting represents about 37% of the energy usage for warehousing
  • Titan LED can reduce the lighting energy usage by 75% resulting in a significant contribution to the bottom line
  • Government incentives
  • See labels more clearly
  • Reduce workers mistakes
  • Long life means the elimination of lighting maintenance costs
  • Made in the USA

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Other applications


Gas Station & Truck Stops

Attract new customers to your business by offering a safe and secure setting.

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Schools & Universities

Modernize the campus appearance. Added safety and security are but a few of the benefits utilizing Titan Led Lighting Solutions products.

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Grocery Stores & RETAIL

Increase the shelf life of meat, fish, and produce. Give your store a cleaner, more modern appearance while increasing customer dwell time.

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