Hydroponics is a method of gardening that has been used for thousands of years, with examples of hydroponic culture dating back to the ancient Aztecs, Chinese, and Egyptians. Today, gardeners from the small-time hobbyist to commercial agriculturalists are all tapping into technique in order to enjoy bigger, healthier yields. However, as with all styles of gardening and agriculture, enjoying the best effects of hydroponics requires following certain techniques and investing in key equipment like the best hydroponic grow lights. The following are a few key tips and pieces of advice we can give to help guide you on your way to enjoying better hydroponic yields:

Tips & Advice for Enjoying Better Hydroponic Yields

  • Early foliar feeding. Plant roots can only absorb so many nutrients within a given time period — but other parts of your plant don’t have such constraints. Foliar feeding is an alternative technique for giving plants nutrients in which the gardener applies liquid fertilizer directly to the leaves, such as with a mister. Such application allows the plant to absorb more nutrients across their stromata and epidermis.
  • Add in B vitamins. Foliar feeding should significantly boost the growth and yields of your plants. Yet, if you’re still seeing stunted results then consider adding in B vitamin supplements. B vitamins help plants better weather stress and more quickly overcome slight diseases.
  • Update to better hydroponic grow lights. Hydroponic grow lights require an investment but it’s an investment that most hydroponic gardeners and agriculturalists agree pays off and does so quickly and effectively. Hydroponic LED grow lights have proven to be especially effective at stimulating additional growth thanks to their ability to nicely emit a broad spectrum of light ideal for plant growth. Hydroponic LED grow lights also have the side benefit of producing minimal excess heat which can make it easier for growers to regulate interior temperatures and keep cooling costs to a minimum.
  • Think about your walls. When replacing the grow lights in your greenhouse, you should simultaneously consider the color of your walls. Dark-colored walls and siding will absorb the light from your grow lights thereby limiting their effectiveness. But did you know that by simply painting or replacing dark-colored siding you can significantly boost your yields? Light-colored walls and siding will reflect light off their sides and back into the grow room and onto your plants.
  • Control odor with proper cleaning. While this tip won’t help your plants produce better yields, it will help create a more desirable growing space. Remove cut off stems and dropped leaves to prevent them from decaying and creating an unpleasant odor. Practice cleaning out your reservoir on a regular basis and keep isopropyl alcohol on hand to keep these spaces clean and odor-free.

Learn More About Hydroponic Grow Lights

While we can’t help with odor reduction, we can help you improve your lighting set-up. Learn more about hydroponic grow lights and how to create an effective and comprehensive lighting system at Titan LED Lighting Solutions. We have experience working with grow operations of all sizes. Contact us today.


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