Last year, after over 60 years of use in brightening up homes and businesses, halogen lightbulbs were officially banned in every country within the European Union. Retailers were allowed to sell whatever stocks they still had, but the change was initiated and an official continentwide move for LED halogen replacement bulbs had begun. Today, just about every home, business, and other type of organization and building within the European Union operates on LEDs. We hope soon the same can be said about the United States. Why? Because LEDs offer significant advantages over halogen and LED halogen replacement is a good move for the individual, the business owner, and the country. The following is a look at a few reasons why it’s time for you to phase out your halogens and upgrade your retail lighting system with LEDs:

3 Reasons Why It’s Time for LED Halogen Replacement

  • Reduced heat output. Halogen lights are well known for burning brightly, but that bright light doesn’t come without its costs. This type of light produces a lot of heat, so much so that a person can easily be burned by accidentally touching one. The heat from a halogen can also significantly raise the temperature of a room which thereby requires building operators to use more electricity to keep the building at a comfortable temperature in hot climates and seasons. In contrast, LEDs produce very little heat and won’t raise an interior’s temperature even when hundreds of LEDs are used.
  • Reduced energy consumption. Not only do halogens generate excessive heat, but they also consume a lot of energy to do so. The average halogen uses around five times as much energy as an equivalent LED halogen replacement bulb. So by switching to LEDs, property owners and managers will enjoy significant savings on their electricity bills for many, many years to come. Additionally, using less energy is better for the overall environment as it reduces carbon emissions.
  • Compact and durable. Halogen bulbs, due to their design, are available only in a few shapes, making them often cumbersome in situations like retail lighting where varied lighting is needed. Halogens are also designed in a very fragile manner and comprised of quarts and glass that just aren’t easily broken, but can also cause serious injuries if shards are stepped on or grabbed. In stark contrast, LEDs are built of a much more durable design that can withstand many small bumps and falls. LEDs are also available in a great array of shapes and sizes, making it them a great choice for places like retail operations where more varied lighting is more desirable.

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