There is no denying the massive impact we humans have on our environment. The good news is we live in an age of transition and technological advancements. An age in which things can and are turning around as we learn more effective ways of reducing, reusing, and recycling so that we can enjoy Earth’s resources for many centuries to come. One simple technological advancement that offers big environmental advantages is the LED, the ‘go green’ light. Here’s why:

3 Reasons LED Lights Are ‘Go Green’ Lights

  • Energy efficient. LEDs are incredible environmentally green lights, as they are designed in such a way as to be 80% more energy efficient than traditional fluorescent and incandescent lights. This is due to their ability to emit a greater amount of light with significantly less energy or wattage. For example, a standard 36 watt LED can emit the same amount of light as an 84 watt fluorescent. That means the LED uses almost a third of the power a fluorescent light requires. Additionally, the power it consumes gets more effectively converted into light without excess heat generation.
  • No toxic elements. Many light bulbs sold both to the everyday consumer and to large business operations include toxic elements, most notably, mercury. All high-intensity discharge, high-pressure sodium, and fluorescent lights will contain between 5 and 38 mg of elemental mercury regardless of their wattage. Mercury poses health risks and dangers for just about every living organism and thus has strict usage and disposal requirements. But why worry about that when you can have a completely mercury-free light bulb? LEDs contain no mercury and thus pose no health risks to humans during their use or wildlife when disposal is necessary.
  • Longer lifespan. LEDs may not contain mercury, but they still must be constructed out of other valuable materials. Part of the 3 Rs of recycling is reducing one’s need for a given product and part of reducing one’s needs is by buying quality products that last. LEDs are an excellent manner of doing so. These environmentally green lights can last six to ten times longer than traditional alternatives. But not having to replace the lightbulbs themselves is only the primary benefit of this. That’s because in addition to reducing your usage of light bulbs, you also reduce the need for packing materials, transportation, and manufacturing processes for those side items. All of this reduces both carbon footprints and the need for other valuable materials.

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