Did you know that the very first shopping mall opened in 1922? Kansas City’s Country Club Plaza was the first to showcase the possibilities of having a shopping district away from the downtown and near residential developments. It and the ones that followed featured unified architecture and paved parking lots with lights. The concept of being able to shop at multiple places while remaining indoors and out of the elements took off in later decades and, no matter how many articles come out about the rise of online shopping, millions of Americans still enjoy shopping at enclosed malls. However, to keep them shopping and coming back to your mall requires providing those same things that drew them in the first place — convenient, bright, and safe lighting inside and out, and a unified, attractive design. LEDs are an excellent method of mall lighting design that realizes all of these needs.

3 Reasons to Incorporate LEDs in Your Mall Lighting Design

  • Create cozy atmospheres. No one wants to shop under ultra bright overhead troffer lights that are reminiscent of cafeterias back in the 90s, but likewise, no one wants to walk down dim avenues and around shadowed corners. Success comes in hitting the sweet spot of illumination and coziness. With LEDs, buyers can choose from a wide range of color temperatures and luminosity. Smart LEDs can even be incorporated into mall lighting design so as to mimic natural daylight, with warm light in the mornings and evenings and cool bright light during the height of the day.
  • Beautiful, attractive exterior lighting and signage. Another reason to incorporate LEDs in your shopping mall design is due to the excellent way they can become a part of your exterior facade and any signage at or near the shopping mall itself. LEDs are an excellent type of light bulb to use in things like billboards and around entrances as they can be had in a range of colors, are long-lasting, and cost-efficient. Speaking of which…
  • Lower operating costs. LEDs may tend to cost a bit more than other types of traditional lighting systems upfront, but the savings they offer will soon make up for that initial investment. LEDs offer significantly better luminosity at a much lower wattage, meaning you will end up paying hundreds, often even thousands of dollars less every month on utility costs. Additionally, once you have installed LEDs in your mall lighting design, you can expect them to last for upwards of a decade with minimal maintenance required. This is especially a boon for those needing to replace outdoor billboard and high parking lot lights that are cumbersome to repair and replace.

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