Whether you sell hot tubs or hot rods, big products like these are best displayed in a large open showroom where customers can browse at their leisure and have experienced sales personnel to assist with any questions. But a large, open space isn’t the only thing necessary to create a positive buyer’s environment!  Consider the following tips, including how to improve showroom lighting, for how to transform your building into a more engaging shopping experience:

Showroom Lighting & Other Tips to Create a Better Buying Ambiance

  • Varied lighting in the showroom itself. Avoid using just bright overhead, high bay lighting as your showroom lighting. While LED high bay lights are a good starting point for making sure everything is appropriately illuminated, you should also consider using a mix of showroom lighting on the floor itself. Use bright task lighting to make your products pop out and bring attention to their craftsmanship. But bright lighting should not be confused with glaring and harsh. Work with a professional to find that nice ambient sweet spot between dim and unattractively bright.
  • Include powerful lighting in your outdoor lots. While outdoor lots may not be the same as your featured showroom, the view out the window is an important part of your overall showroom look. Many potential car owners do their shopping in the evening. Especially in the winter, evening hours can be dark and greatly reduce the visibility and appeal of your stock. Titan LED’s powerful lighting solutions can make your lot as bright as daytime, showing off your beautiful cars to their best effect. This will make the outdoor lot more inviting and greatly increase traffic to your dealership.
  • Integrate unique and interesting window displays. Before a customer walks into your showroom, first they have to walk in front of it. Sure, the Internet and traditional marketing certainly have their role to play in bringing people in. But if you have an automotive dealership or retail shop in a large shopping center, then also how you display the outside of your store can make a big impact. Use a consistent theme and branding to draw people in. This is also an important place for showroom lighting to ensure that your products are properly displayed. A good choice here is bright white task lighting.
  • Calm and soothing music. Of course, this is general advice as for some businesses, their niche will largely dictate what music their customers will be most receptive to. That said, by and large, calm and soothing music is the preferred choice of music to use in a showroom environment. This type of music, as well as popular rock hits, tend to resonate with customers and trigger both happy and nostalgic feelings.
  • Scents. Good scents are a part of showroom marketing that frequently gets skipped over but is incredibly important. Many people have strong associations with scent and using warm inviting fragrances in your showroom can entice customers. Good scents to choose include lavender, spice, and fresh linen and are especially important in areas in which plastic-like odors might otherwise dominate the space. Of course, picking the right scent might be easy depending upon your niche, such as cinnamon and campfire scnets for businesses who sell grills or build/repair fireplaces.

Need Help With Choosing Showroom Lighting? Contact Titan LED Lighting Solutions

While we can’t help you find that perfect matching scent for your space, we can help you find the perfect showroom lighting set up. At Titan LED Lighting Solutions, we’re proud to work with many companies across a spectrum of industries. Learn more about what we’ve done for them and what we can do for you to help improve your building’s lighting for a more customer-friendly experience.


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