The accelerated rise of new technologies and changing consumer preferences have had some big impacts on the automotive industry. While a lot of the attention for this is directed to the cars themselves, just as important is the effect it’s having on automotive dealerships across the country. According to a recent survey, 87% of American adults dislike something about the car buying process at traditional automotive dealerships. Many of these consumers agreed that they would visit dealerships more often if that process was improved and the dealership made itself more consumer-friendly or more aligned with consumer preferences. One great way of achieving a more consumer-friendly, environmentally-friendly, and budget-friendly environment is with the use of LED lighting.

The Advantages of LED Lighting for Automotive Dealerships

  • Higher quality outdoor lighting. Many automotive dealerships currently rely on metal halide or high-pressure sodium (HPS) lights that are mounted on large poles in order to illuminate dealership parking lots and the many vehicles that are lined up within. However, these lights tend to produce uneven lighting that leaves some vehicles hidden in shadow and others reflecting glaring brightness. The solution? LED lighting. Outdoor LED lighting can easily be configured to evenly illuminate lots with warm, inviting light. This means no more shadows and the ability to choose lights that can replicate natural sunlight so that dealerships can give customers a more pleasing outdoor environment to shop in no matter if they’re shopping during the long days of summer or the short ones of winter. High quality outdoor lighting will make your customers feel safer and more comfortable, allowing them to browse at their leisure, take their time, and see colors and detail stickers as well as they would during the day.
  • Strong indoor lighting. In addition to providing superior outdoor lighting, LED lights can also have a dramatic impact on indoor atmospheres. Today’s commercial LED lights come in a variety of color temperatures so that buyers can find the perfect color and brightness for each of their indoor needs. For example, bright daylight LEDs are ideal for task lighting and illuminating vehicles while soft, warm lighting is more ideal for places like a welcoming area and back offices where customers and sales personnel discuss car sales and lease agreements.
  • Big financial savings. In addition to offering customers (and employees) better quality lights by which to see and converse in, making the switch to LEDs also offers some big financial rewards for automotive dealerships. LED lights generate the same amount of lights as other types of bulbs and lighting systems and yet they do so at significantly lower rates than traditional indoor and outdoor lights. For example, choosing a 500W LED to replace a 1000W metal halide fixture can save a business as much as $150 per year on energy costs. Additionally, once installed, LED lights need minimal maintenance and may last as long as ten years before requiring replacement.

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