Owners of athletic fields need to consider LED lights as a cost-cutting eco-friendly measure. Softball parks and tennis courts where outdoor lighting is necessary at night are key places where modern bright lights can help. Any type of outdoor event that uses a sports stadium or field can benefit from high powered field lights.

Need for Field Lights

Field lights are needed to light up large spaces to create greater visibility at night. A county fair uses field lights so that thousands of patrons can see where they are walking at night. These lights are useful in places that hold outdoor events such as swap meets, concerts and public speaking events that attract large crowds.

Field lights not only light up football and soccer fields, they also light up parking lots. Most accidents happen at night due to low visibility issues. Not all parking lots are well lit, which are the ones most likely to have accidents. Parking lots with bright lights help make drivers more alert at night while giving them plenty of light for enhanced visibility.

Schools and Communities

Learning institutions of all grade levels can benefit from LED solutions designed for field lighting. Schools that use traditional lighting systems for football fields are losing value from wasted money as well as wasteful energy compared with LED technology. Upgrading to LED lighting can help schools save money on their energy budgets while allowing savings to be repurposed to other areas.

Any community organization responsible for overseeing a park or park system should be aware of the economic benefits of LED lighting. They should also understand how this solution is much more eco-friendly than traditional field lighting solutions. Older lights use more energy and cost more, which explains the rapid adoption of LED lighting for schools and other public places.


Field lighting is designed to light up wide spaces, such as softball parks or football fields, which are also common at schools. These lights create maximum visibility, allowing players to be seen more clearly by spectators. Contact us at Tital LED Lighting Solutions to learn more about how we can create a customized lighting solution for your facility.


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