High bay troffer lighting fixtures are rectangular or square light fixtures that neatly fit into a modular dropped ceiling grid. More often, troffers are known as “tube lighting” since they historically housed fluorescent tubes. However, today, most troffer lights are housed with updated LED tube lighting.

Troffer lights types of fixtures are often described as being recessed, creating a seamless ceiling without hanging lights, while the term ‘high bay fixture’ is used to define those fixtures installed in large, tall buildings such as warehouses, factories, and large open spaces such as a school’s cafeteria and gymnasium.

A high bay troffer is a specialty piece of lighting fixture and one that property owners, contractors, and building managers should research before purchasing as their high location makes them a bit troublesome to reach for future maintenance and replacement. Therefore, it’s in the buyer’s best interest to get quality, long-lasting high bay troffer fixtures and bulbs from the onset. Updated LED tube lighting is far superior to traditional fluorescent tubes for numerous reasons. Here are just a few reasons why to make the switch to LED high bay troffer fixtures today:

3 Reasons to Make the Switch to LED High Bay Troffer Fixtures

  1. Big energy savings. The number one reason to make the switch to LED high bay lighting solutions is for the energy savings, the big energy savings. Making the switch to LED lighting can reduce a commercial building’s energy consumption by as much as 60%. In terms of hard cash, depending upon what county a business operates in, this can translate to up to $300 of savings per fixture per year.
  2. Reduced maintenance costs. In addition to saving property owners on energy costs, LED high bay troffer lighting systems also offer some other exciting savings. That’s because LEDs aren’t just energy efficient, they are also significantly long lasting. LEDs are very efficient in how they generate light and are very slow to degrade, with many lasting a decade or more before needing replacement. This means that once installed, property managers won’t have to worry about replacing them for many years to come.
  3. Outstanding light output. Finally, LEDs offer exceptional lighting performance that goes for and beyond all of their competitors. This type of light evenly distributes illumination to reduce glares and extra bright spots. With high bay fixtures, this even, outstanding light performance has even more to offer. The LEDs offered with this type of lighting fixture are available in a wide range of correlated color temperatures so that buyers can choose the perfect look and feel for their buildings and the people who use them.

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As a property manager, building owner, contractor, or organization head, lights may seem like a very small part of your day-to-day decision making, but in reality, making a good choice here can wind up saving you thousands of dollars in just a year’s time. Learn more about the array of lighting fixtures, tube lighting, bulbs, and overall systems that can provide your building with the best quality lighting at the best rates, both in the short and long-term, today.


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