As a college administrator, you undoubtedly juggle many tasks in your aim to ensure that students have the best possible experience while on campus. One of the many hats you wear likely pertains to safety and ensuring that every student is kept safe and secure as they navigate their way between classrooms, parking lots, dorm rooms, and more. Proper campus lighting and safety is a key method of doing so.

The Connection Between Campus Lighting and Safety

Most colleges and universities have a campus that sprawls out across a large area with different wings located in different sectors of the property. Each building and parking lot or parking garage is likely connected by pathways and signage that easily direct students, professors, and guests to those separate areas of the campus. During the daytime, these pathways are enough to show the way, at night things can significantly change.

It’s no secret that campus safety is a major concern today. As students wend their way home from the library, from classes, and from social events, they can often fall victim to crime. Numerous studies have shown a correlation between crime rates and lighting levels. In order to keep your students safe, lighting should always be a concern that you address with a conscientious eye for efficacy and durability.

The Benefits of Making Campus Lighting & Safety Lighting LEDs

Outdoor LED lighting products are an excellent solution for nighttime campus safety for several different reasons. Here are just a few reasons that LEDs perform better than other options in this type of environment:

  • Quick on/off regardless of temperature. Whether it’s freezing or sweltering, LED lights are renowned for illuminating quickly. This helps ensure all pathways are kept well illuminated no matter what temperature it is outside.
  • Easily integrated features like motion sensors and solar charging. LED campus lighting systems can easily be customized to include desirable features like motion sensors and solar charging capabilities. With motion sensors, areas less used will only be lit when the system detects movement thereby reducing total energy costs while solar charging panels make it so you won’t have to pay energy costs at all on associated outdoor lights.
  • Low costs. Even without solar panels on your LED light fixtures, you can expect to save your college a lot on energy costs when you switch to LED lights. LED lights boast upwards of 100,000-hour lifespans, meaning properties can go a decade or more without having to change the high-quality light bulbs within their outdoor lighting system. Additionally, LED lighting provides higher lighting levels with less energy usage. This means that although installing them initially may be more costly, they’ll soon make up their cost in energy savings.
  • Bright, clear lights. Have you ever walked down a path that felt poorly lit because of the dull yellow light bulbs used? That isn’t an issue with LEDs, which allow you to choose your color temperature from a full spectrum. These units offer crisp white light that properly illuminates pathways so students will feel safe.

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