Unpredictable energy expenses have caused many businesses to look for ways to cut costs. One of the easiest ways to quickly cut future maintenance costs is to shift from conventional to LED lighting, particularly for businesses where brightness and efficacy are a major concern, such as factory warehouses. LED lights last much longer so they don’t require frequent replacement. Here are some other key reasons to use LEDs for factory lighting.

Cutting Edge of LED Lighting

Proprietary ACC technology is one of the key factors driving Titan LED’s economical lighting solutions. It prevents heatsink (the absorption of heat) from reaching its complete saturation level. The result is that the lighting remains as powerful as the system can produce, without normal heatsink affecting brightness. While other LED systems might lose as much as 20% brightness due to heatsink, this problem is reduced with Titan’s ACC technology.

Switching to LED lights, especially those from Titan LED, will have a noticeable effect on energy bills, since you will be using less energy to produce more factory lighting. Overall you’ll realize other gains from increased productivity, lower maintenance, and ultimately greater worker morale and retention. You will be helping streamline your company while concurrently helping protect the environment.

Lighting Decisions with Technology Tools

Effective lighting decisions can be achieved by applying photometry, the study of light measurement, to a room. Titan LED uses photometric software to produce room layouts made to scale for analyze lighting fixture scenarios. The area where new light is added can be seen from various angles. This ability to see high lighting levels and multiple perspectives is essential for factory lighting, where task lighting and safety highlights is an important part of your workflow.

Better lighting can make any workplace more productive as well. Brighter lights also communicates a safer environment, especially at night.

LEDs are useful for box stores and warehouses where many products are stored and must be found quickly. Brighter lights make it easier to find even well organized inventory. Moving heavy equipment is safer in well lit areas as opposed to lifting items in the dark.

Call Titan to Step Up Your Factory Lighting

Improving visibility within your factory setting can help improve safety and worker efficiency, while also cutting costs. Contact us here at Titan LED Lighting Solutions to learn more about factory lighting solutions. We’ve made thousands of LED installations and can provide custom solutions for your workshop.


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