Lighting is not always a topic managers think of when it comes to cutting costs, even though in the long run these cost savings can be significant. Administrators and stakeholders of large organizations must stay on top of costs. That being said, the benefits of superior lighting aren’t limited to energy savings. It’s important to focus on other factors of interest to your business, such as employee morale, customer safety, foot traffic, branding identity, and efficient production. Here are some points that responsible parties need to remember when measuring lighting ROI.

Benefits of Superior LED Lighting

  • uses less energy, delivers brighter lights
  • LED lights are much more durable than conventional lights
  • safer environment, less accidents
  • easier to read signs and smaller text, allowing for better understanding
  • allows for items to be more easily found in large storage areas
  • better presentation of stock, leading to more sales

Clearly, the best lighting possible allows for better productivity and efficiency in the workplace. It allows for better visual communication and saves time in many ways, making it easier to find items. Part of measuring your lighting ROI should take into account savings in other areas beyond direct energy costs. The versatility that LEDs bring to a building provide more opportunities at savings and better profit margins than what conventional lights offer.

Simply by making your facility safer with brighter lighting, you can cut down on work-related injuries. Employees will have better visibility and will be less likely to collide with moving objects, especially at a warehouse.

How Effective Lights Affect Businesses

Retail managers who look for competitive edges understand the importance of using efficient yet stronger LED lighting. Product displays commonly depend on the lighting in the room for making desired presentations that captivate consumers. If the lighting isn’t bright enough, it may not highlight certain features that help convince buyers they like the product. In this sense, brighter lighting contributes to increased volume of sales, whereas conventional lighting may subtract from sales.

One of the most overlooked effects that lighting has on any room is that it sets a mood. Usually the brighter the lighting, the more uplifting the mood, while dark rooms with minimal lighting convey less energy or signs of human concern. Studies on consumers show that people are sensitive to lighting schemes, which is why well lit and colorful retail displays are designed a certain way.

Brighter atmospheres tend to be more memorable and favored when it comes to comparing lighting schemes. Color temperature has become an important factor for retail display designers to study, as well as how the direction of light influences the human eye.  Studies have shown that eye movement tends to gravitate toward contrasting light rather than just brightness and that blue light tends to attract the most attention.

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Shifting to an LED lighting system can save money in many ways at your facility, as there are various ways to calculate ROI. Be sure to consider all the ways that you are helping improve sales and efficiency by installing superior lights and creating a more vibrant atmosphere. Contact us at Titan LED to learn more about lighting ROI, allowing you to maximize your operation.


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