The lighting in a typical commercial office building will account for roughly 30 percent of its energy usage. This accounts for a significant fixed expense, but it’s not the only reason why property managers and building owners should take care in choosing the right American made LED lights for a property. Proper lighting creates a more comfortable environment and can reduce eye strain, reduce fatigue, and improve morale. Don’t know how to get started? Consider the following tips for outfitting a commercial office building with American made LED lights:

Indirect Versus Parabolic Lighting Fixtures

Traditionally, most commercial spaces use parabolic fixtures for general lighting. Parabolic fixtures are designed to shine 90 to 100% of the light downwards. Most recognize this type of lighting as the long fluorescent troffers that are mounted to ceilings and contain either bare bulbs or bulbs behind a plastic sheath. While parabolic lighting solutions are certainly effective at producing a lot of light, they are often too bright and visually uncomfortable. In situations where the parabolic fixture hangs from the ceiling, you get a ‘cave effect’ in which the ceiling and top of the walls are darker than the rest of the room that can further cause visual discomfort.

In contrast, indirect lighting shines 90 to 100% of its lighting upward and thereby the light reflects first off the ceiling of fixture and then into the workplace. The result is a much more evenly and softly distributed light.

Such fixtures and lighting solutions reduce eye straight, fatigue, and headaches caused by high light glare. Additionally, indirect lighting creates an illusion that a room is bigger and brighter as it eliminates those dark spaces caused by parabolic fixtures.

Picking the Right Color Temperature of American Made LED Lights

American made LED lights come in a great array of color temperatures and choosing the right ones for an office space may seem overwhelming. Here are some things to keep in mind when shopping for American made LED lights:

  • General office spaces:  In the office areas in which business is conducted, cool white color temperatures are a preferred choice. Lights of this color range are crisp and clear but not too glaringly bright and thus are shown to help improve focus and productivity.
  • Break room:  Break rooms and office kitchens area where employees take a step back to relax and recharge. Avoid bright white colors and instead, use warm to neutral white color temperatures.
  • Lobby and greeting areas:  Lobbies are akin to the face of a company as they are the first place new clients and business partners are met. Warm to cool white color temperature bulbs are good choices here as they illuminate but with a comfortable brightness.

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