As old parking lot lights need to be replaced, many complex owners are choosing LED shoebox lights due to greater energy efficiency and long-term cost savings. This light typically ranges from 40 to 300 watts but can replace 1,000 watt high-intensity discharge (HID) bulbs. Here are some important points to remember when considering these lights.

How a Shoebox Light Saves Energy

Shoebox lights are commonly the size of shoes, from about a foot long to 16 inches. These lights are found at sports stadiums, county fairs, and large parking lots. Despite their small size, these LED lights generate up to 80 percent energy savings. Once mounted, shoebox lamps can be easily adjusted to control light direction and shape covering an area.

Unlike many other LED light models, Titan LED shoebox lights can last up to 155,000 hours while using less electricity than traditional lighting methods use. In recent decades LEDs have caught the attention of city governments, which are adopting them due to cost efficiency and durability. The fact that LEDs require very little – if any – maintenance work once installed makes them appealing to government offices as well as businesses.

Upgrading to LED Shoebox Lighting

It’s actually fairly easy to upgrade from an existing traditional lighting system to an LED shoebox system. The first step in upgrading is to conduct a photometric evaluation to determine how much light is sufficient for an area and how lights should be positioned. Companies that cannot afford an entire new lighting infrastructure should consider retrofit kits that simplify conversion to LEDs.

Complexes that run bright lights 12 hours per day can benefit significantly by shifting to LED shoebox lights. If you are using traditional HID lights, a good percentage of lighting may be going to waste due to their omni-directional orientation. LEDs are mounted on a stationary arm but can gain broader reach on a slipfitter mount.

The factors you should pay attention to for upgrading revolve around the type of facility and the amount of wattage needed for output. A large facility will have different power requirements than a small office. Since an LED shoebox light requires a specific voltage, the installer needs to know the line voltage.

In addition to installing LED lights, an ideal modern lighting system should include a smart design in which the system is integrated with a timer that shuts light off at times when it isn’t needed. Organizations that are installing lights for the first time should check to see if their municipality requires an environmental study. In general, LED lights are considered eco-friendly due to energy efficiency and the capability of being recycled.

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