The first thing that most people notice when they enter a bakery or restaurant is the aroma of the foods being prepared. Immediately after that sensation is aroused, the sense of sight is invited to join the party. It is here where a properly lighted display case can further heighten the gastronomic delights of the establishment.

For most people, lighting is an afterthought–a practicality that is either there, or not. However, here at Titan LED, we know that lighting affects a million aspects of your business, from buyer psychology to long-term sustainability. Here are a few tips on how to most effectively use superior display case lighting to elevate the enjoyment of your guests while they peruse your sweet and savory offerings:

Consider the Aesthetics

Any chef worth his salt will tell you that many people first eat with their eyes. While the flavor and aroma of any meal or dessert are the predominant components of the dish, sight also plays a large part in how much the meal is appreciated. That’s why the CRI (or color rendering index) of your lighting choice matters. The CRI will determine whether your food looks fresh and vibrant, or tired and yellow. You’ll want a CRI of 90 or more in order to accurately display your goods.

Eliminate Reflections

Utilizing a lighted display case to best effect means more than just properly lighting the items in the case. You must also ensure that the viewer can see the items without any undue glare or reflection. To accomplish this goal, the angle of incidence between the under-mounted light and the front glass pane must be no more than thirty degrees. In layman’s terms, this means that you should use a fairly upright front glass panel rather than a steeply sloped one.

Consider All the Angles

Display cases are manufactured in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and styles. The bulbs in these cases can light the products inside from the top, the bottom, the back or the sides. The result is an almost endless range of possibilities for the restaurateur or bakery owner to light their products in an interesting and eye-catching manner.

Keep It Cool

One of the biggest benefits of LED lighting over other options is the fact that LEDs don’t emit heat like traditional incandescent lighting. Although this may not seem important in most situations, it’s a major consideration in display cases when food is involved. Excess heat can cause food to deteriorate more quickly and force refrigeration components to work harder.

For more information and some expert guidance on getting the most out of your display case lighting in your bakery or restaurant, please contact the pros at Titan LED Lighting Solutions. Our linear tube lighting is especially popular with displays, and we offer full lighting solutions suited for any purpose. We can be found online at or reached directly at 623.900.1494.


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