Investing in LED grow lights for agricultural greenhouses provides a long-term economic advantage over conventional lighting. It’s also a more eco-friendly solution with less maintenance costs. Here are key benefits that may lead an agricultural business to purchase LED grow lights.

Faster Harvest Cycles

One of the main advantages for indoor farmers to use LED grow lights is that they can speed up plant growth rate. The lights can be used 24 hours per day, allowing for the most amount of plant growth possible per season. It’s possible to increase annual crop yields with this lighting, leading to higher profits.

Durability and Performance

LED lights are designed to be indestructible with a life span of 102,000 hours.  Low operating temperature is a key reason why these modern lights last much longer than traditional lights, which produce more heat. The lower temperature puts less wear and tear on the system, allowing for a longer lifespan. Since LED lighting is based on solid-state technology, there are no moving parts, giving it more longevity.

LED lighting provides all the necessary lighting to grow healthy plants in an environment. Plants will be much healthier when treated with LED lighting than with traditional lighting systems that deliver harmful wavelengths of light. LED lights give the grower control over regulating the wavelength of light, allowing for a more ideal photosynthesis process. These lights also eliminate the need to install indoor cooling systems since they do not give off heat.

Energy Efficiency and Environmental Safety

Both energy and cost are important concerns for any business striving for sustainability. LED lights are over 60% more energy efficient than traditional lights. Not only do they emit less heat, they also provide more usable light at a lower cost than what last century’s lights offered. The main reason why energy bills are lower with LED lighting is due to reduced energy use and heat production, as burning is not necessary to produce light.

The energy savings from using LED grow lights will have a positive economic ripple effect, since it will simultaneously help lower HVAC costs. You can increase energy efficiency further with a software-based energy usage tracking system. LED lights are more eco-friendly than traditional lights as well, since they do not contain toxic substances and are recyclable.

Common Applications

  • warehouses
  • hospitals
  • retail outlets
  • small organizations
  • car dealerships
  • manufacturing facilities


If your goal is long-lasting, low-maintenance lighting, LED lighting is a strong and reliable choice. Grow lights for agricultural operations need to be as powerful as possible without sacrificing cost efficiency. Contact us at Titan LED to learn more about lighting options for your needs.


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