It is no secret that warehouses are prone to a good portion of the nation’s worksite injuries. These are bustling commercial zones frequently operating with heavy equipment, long hours, dangerous chemicals, and other high-risk factors that easily contribute to situations in which employees are injured. When employees are injured, worksite productivity goes down and there can be significant financial repercussions that are hard to weather. Therefore, improving warehouse safety is good for business and good for morale. Get started today with these five tips for better warehouse safety:

5 Tips for Better Warehouse Safety

  1. Mark up the floor. Marking designated floor spaces with duct tape is an easy yet incredibly effective way to both improve safety and efficiency. Many warehouses have hundreds, sometimes thousands, of different objects on their properties and using floor marking to indicate where things like pallets and drums can and can’t go goes a long way in improving organization. Floor markings help improve safety by showing things like traffic direction, where certain personal protection gear must be worn, and any areas expressly off-limits to foot traffic.
  2. Install guard rails. Warehouses with high risk zones, such as areas in which forklifts frequently travel back and forth, should consider going beyond basic floor markings and also erect physical barriers. Gates and guard rails are a great method for ensuring non-authorized workers are kept physically separate from high-risk areas. For example, warehouses with high turnover or those who employ less skilled employees via seasonal work may find that installing guard rails is an essential step to ensure maximum safety and productivity.
  3. Update signage and routinely quiz employees on those signs. This is another key safety tip for all warehouses but especially for those with seasonal employees or high turnover. Signage should label all areas used for storing dangerous equipment or hazardous materials, instruct employees what safety gear is required and where, and instruct employees what to do in the case of an emergency (fire, tornado, chemical spill, etc.). Management should likewise routinely test employees on their knowledge of where safety signs are and what they mean.
  4. Provide routine training and encourage communication. For maximum warehouse safety, every employee needs to be well-versed in warehouse safety risks and how they can mitigate those risks for themselves and for others. New employees should undergo a thorough introduction into best safety tips before being allowed to operate within the warehouse. Even long-term employees should undergo refresher courses at least once a year. Foster strong communication among employees, even if this includes having employees shout or otherwise make noise/flash lights when driving machinery around corners or lifting heavy items.
  5. Improve warehouse lighting. Warehouses with heavy machinery have enough safety risks without having to add the big risks involved when areas are too dark to see or maneuver in properly. Proper lighting throughout the work area better enables employees to see down corridors, read labels, and better maneuver both in cramped and high-traffic areas. In areas in which things need to be stacked atop each other, proper visibility helps ensure that is done correctly and evenly. In lighting a warehouse, it’s important to use great overhead lighting in general, but also to institute task lighting where detail-oriented work is done and flood lighting in outdoor areas that are utilized after the sun sets. Once you institute new lighting solutions, you’ll be amazed at what a difference it makes, from productivity times to worker morale.

Learn More About Proper Warehouse Lighting

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